Isnin, 31 Mei 2010

Celaka-lah kau israel Jahanam.

Manusia besi tiada hati. Pergi jahanam.

Semoga selamat semua saudaraku. Amin.

Jumaat, 21 Mei 2010

Pemalas Sentiasa Banyak Alasan.

Sneakers aku tak basuh lagi. OMG. Macamana aku nak masuk realiti show "menantu idaman" ni. Tapi sebenarnya dah basuh. Satu basuh dengan air hujan satu lagi dengan air sungai.

p/s : Aku harap, secret admire aku tak baca la post ni. Kalau ade secre admire la.huahua.

Isnin, 17 Mei 2010

This is Boring and Lame.

I never write down my wishlist before. Not even in my diary (if I still have it). I just save it in low space memory of my brain. Maybe it is my brilliant step to not to feel depress for not getting what I wanted. But then I realized that I should write it down so I don't waste money on other things and start spend for what I really want. These are things that I wanna buy with my own money (I hope I have much money) :

1. Nikon SLR. Note to abang : U can sell yours to me if U want. Separuh harga la. Eheh.

1. Guittar . Or should I just stole Amir's?.

1. Supra TK shoe.

1. Handphone. I mean any smartphone.

1. Bag pack. So I can bring everything everywhere. (Ni macam tak payah letak kat sini je)

1. i-pod Nano. I'm dont give a damn about this if my mp3 not broken.

Note : There's no typing error. I intendedly write #1 for all those items because I am confuse which one I want first.

Fuh..Fuh! Tiup Habuuk.

Lame tak bukak blog kot. Heheh. Malas. Ni pun malas jugak tapi bosan. So I end up here. OK. This is really a pointless post. Thanks for reading anyway (if any).