Isnin, 1 Disember 2008

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Today is the world AIDS day. it is dedicated to rising awareness about HIV/AIDS. AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome) killed about 1.8 million to 2.3 million people in 2007 (source: WHO) The easy way to prevent AIDS is ABC. avoid free sex. be faithful. condom using.. and also dont share needle.

ok. enuf about AIDS as I dun have many info bout dat.well, you can google it by urself ;p em.. last saturday got PKPMI's Annual Grand Meeting. it was held at Hotel Gajahmada (rasanya btul dah nama ni). congrats to abg Hafizi becoz he is our new yang diPertua and not to forget my bacthmates, Hazirah and Suhail coz they won the election too ;)

at nite, Anual Grand Dinner was held. so ape lgi, soorrruuuuu la banyak2... the prom queen is Hanis (my batchmate..! hehe) and prom king is Anandarajah.*pieces of ribbon going down**sountrack:people clapping hand n making sound*.. ;p

p/s : tomorrow is my mimie darling besday..happy besday fren. hug n kisses to u! muaaahh. present is HIV-blood test percuma..hehe

classmatesku sengal (queen of d nite,Hanis at the front row holding a rose with her crown)


the 'cun' community..ngee..

penyambut tetamu ke kamu2 sekalian ?

waiting my limousin

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Hafeez N. berkata...

ade blog tak bgtau.cet podah!hahaha

name cannot be display berkata...

low profile la sengal

@mira berkata...

sungguh chantek kamu berkebaya..nk kirim satu kebaya dr sana bole kah?

seis ni..akak nk kirim...huhu..duit i bank later ya!..hehe

name cannot be display berkata...

akan diuruskan nnti ye.. ;)