Isnin, 24 November 2008

89 questions

1. My eye color: dark brown
2. Favorite car: -intentionally left blank-
3. Right-handed or left-handed: Right
4. Shoes you wore today: sneaker
5. My fears: the fear itself
6. Goal you would like to achieve this year: lose weight !!
7. Thoughts first waking up: kul 5? yes! At last ! berjaya jgk ak bgn awal.
8. My bedtime: varies.
9. Pepsi or Coke: both.. rasa pun lebey krg jek
10. Single or Group Dates: ntahla.. single maybe.
11. Chocolate or Vanilla: chocolate
12. Do you smoke: nope. Amaran kerajaan : merokok membahayakan kesihatan.
13. Do you sing: yup. I hve beautiful voice (in my dream).haha
14. Have you been in love: yes. Its been long time ago.
15. Do you want to get married: of course!
16. Do you get along with your parents: yup..
17. Do you play a musical instrument: I wish I could
18. In the past month have you smoked: refer to no 12
19: Favorite candy bar: Cadbury sudah
20. In the past month have you gone on a date: nope.
21. All-time favorite sports team: ah..mne2 je la.not really into sport
22. Ideal girlfriend/boyfriend: who love me as I am.
23. My best friend(s): all my frens are best
24. Do you believe in love at first sight: at first sight tu cmne tak tau
25. Favorite clothing brand: erm..SEED, PDI, indie clothing line (ini je mampu for now. i wish for Louis Vuitton, Channel, Versace etc.heheh)
26. Dream vacation: paris
27. My favorite singer: singer menawan keluarga bahagia…lalala.
28. My favorite movie: shoalin soccer
29. Have you ever fired a gun: nope
30. Do you like answering these questions: tgh malas study neh.. adeh.
31. Do you like yourself: emm.dunt know. If I cud change few things..
32. I am addicted to… earings,bracelet,sleep
33. Favorite drink: water
34. Do you have a crush on anyone: Emm..ask me personally..ngee~
35. Are you ticklish: depends..
36. Favorite ice cream flavor: chocolate + blueberry
37. Define yourself in 3 words… confuse? caring? boring?
38. Do you believe in God: of course..
39. Favorite day of the week: saturday
40. Heads or tails: erk? asal ngn soalan ni?
41. Favorite author: - intentionally left blank-
42. What magazines do you read: junk. utopia. cleo
43. Sweet or sour: both.
44. Favorite chewing gum brand: lenguh rahang mkn chewing gum.
45. My hair color: black. Melayu typical la katakan
46. Height: not sure.
47. My heritage: xfhm soalan
48. My weakness: weaknesses
49. My perfect pizza: pizza hut..
50. My most overused phrase on IM: cess..
51. My best physical feature: -intentionally left blank-
52. Do you get motion sickness: not really
53. McDonalds or Burger King: both
54. Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea: lipton ice tea
55. Cappuccino or Coffee: Coffee
56. Do you swear: afraid to swear
57. Do you want to go to college: im a college student.
58. Do you think you’re attractive: ask who attracted wif me.haha
59. Do you like thunderstorms: nope
60. In the past month have you drunk alcohol: nope
61. In the past month have you been on drugs: br je td telan ubat
62. Favorite cartoon as a child: burney n frens
63. Favorite sport : next ques pls..
64. In the past month have you been on stage: erm? nope
65. Ever been beaten up: yup. Long time ago
66. How you want to die: Peacefully.. sempat mengucap. huhu
67. Number of piercings: 2
68. Favorite color: yellow. I love colors actually.
69. Favorite food dish: chnge dis ques to fav FOODS then only I can answer
70. My parents are… en nazri and puan rohani
71. Do you have children: nope. Satu hr nnti..
72. Do you have pets: takde. Tak suka.
73. My favorite music genre: depends on kesedapan instrumen, keharmonian lirik, kemerduan suara.
74. My favorite season: Mesia n indon bukan negara 4 musim.
75. Silver or Gold: silver. Gold wat harta.
76. Who was the last person that called you: my sis
77. Are you a good driver : dun know how to drive. Arrggghhh…
78. Would you rather be rich or famous: Rich
79. When I’m sad or down, I prefer to… SLEEP
80. What is your phone’s current ringtone: maybe - couple
81. The longest you’ve gone without sleeping: ssh pulak soalan ni
82. What would you do with a million dollars: oh!alhamdulillah..enjoy, spend wisely
83. What makes you laugh: humor n stupid past time
84. Your favorite book: modul2 pelajaran
85. Most embarrassing moment : lorh..malu nak jwb
86. Favorite item that you currently own: laptop
87. Have you ever moved: yup..
88. Kisses or hugs: Both.
89. Are you a very emotional person: I have my moments

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