Isnin, 27 Oktober 2008


exam week is OVER! really2 a relieve. the papers was damn hard. luckily we have soalan bocor.hehe.. senyap sudah.. but there was 3 subjects dat i cant do well (tade soalan bocor). and the worst part, i dont have enuf time to prepare for "disorder of nervous system, ENT n eye" exam.i read nothing.kamikaze gler. and u can guess how was the answers. the histology exam was really s**k. cant differentiate the tissues.all just the same! i never like histology!

last paper was on friday morning. after the exam, ma frens and i planned something. where to go, wat to do, all about having fun! push the tension aside. kononla.blaja tak sgt pun.
we do many things n went to many places in a day. shopping. singing. swimming. eating. chatting. walking(terpaksa). a tiring day yet we happy. seems long time we doesnt spend time together. and this weekend, we attended to two besday celebration.the first one is anis n shmini's and 2nd is ivy's. but ivy's was postpone on saturday.dont know la y lately they like to organize besday party.huhu.

on satuday, ma frens n i went to ivy's and bowling. and bought some basic monthly stuff aka groceries. ngee..

and on sunday, i do nothing except SLEEP! i woke up a lil bit early but then after lunch, i continue to sleep again. and rite now im looking foward to make my assignment. huhu. a lot!

award winning picture of the week ! from left : ifa, ediey

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