Rabu, 27 Ogos 2008

to day , today

damn it. I hate sleep disorder. today, after break the fast, i went to bed n zzzzzzz. as I said before, only for a few early time i've the spirit. at last, its predictable. i wanna lose weight but i sleep after eat( or is there anybody put drugs in my food?? haha) i want to be good in studies but i didn't do the assignments.. my Almighty, I need strength..

today is the 2nd day of the sem. and as I said, awal2 je semangat. right now, all the spirit getting less and less. half of my spirit went away at the first day lecture, after look at the schedule .. :( cam sial la jadual.. have disscussion session everyday and only one lecture for the whole week. mende ni?? tensen.huh.. if it going to be like dis for the whole sem, im dying! there's no chance to skip the class and everynite have to study and study...kalo tak kang tercengang-cengang lam klas. plus, all body system in one week?hoh? do they think we are robotcop here. or are we cybocop? err... is there any cybocop? or whateva robot in dis world..how can I remember those things. and not to forget, dr endang. menarik tertarik terkedu..haha..gurau je la doc. halalkan ilmu saya ek.

first day class. kelas yang kosong jangan disangka tiada students. lecturer yang tade
(this is my class but not really my class)

schedule mengarut of the year

erm.. today also I went to anatmy lab! ow.. yeaahh.. at last, masuk jgk.hehehe.. as I entered the room, there was 2 cadaver at the middle of the room. last time, I was thinking about how it feels when I enter the anat lab. but it was ok actually. just a lil bit felt repugnance. but after woke up from a lovely dreamy nap just now, i felt lil scare. kuii3. lak dah ai.. the doc ask to remember name of all bones inside body. huhu.. oh i can feel my bones cracking inside.

oklah. it almost 3. i wanna have some sahur.hadoii..have to fast tomorrow..huhu.hope tomorrow gonna be better than today. what a lousy day is today...

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bAbY_aNgEl berkata...

Dearie U...

I am very entertained reading ur posting..

I lyke the way u arrange ur woord into sentences.. its simple but yet full of humors..hahaha..

keep it up girl!!

sarah berkata...

robocop? ironman la skang. what age r u from la.. haha..